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The nextgen bitcoin advertising platform

We are the next generation, bitcoin gamified advertising application. Our goal is to reward Bitcoin users and bitcoiners as more as possible.

High engagement

Our users are highly engaged bitcoiners

Quality audience

Show your product to the right audience

Bitcoiners only

Target people who use bitcoin everyday

Showcase your product on the mosts populars bitcoiners places



The #1 place to earn bitcoin in the world.

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Stackers Club

Stackers Club

A platform to discover bitcoin rewarding apps.

+10k monthly users

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The most advanced and performant way to promote your product

Users get directly involved in your product. No shity ad banner. Bitcoiners dive deep in your app, game or service. 100% of their attention and focus is reserved for you.

Advertise with Bisma is the best way to fidelise users from the first interaction. We provide the most advanced way to advertise and analyse how people use your product.

Direct testing

Users directly get in to your product

Instant UX feedbacks

Improve your product experience

Advanced data analysis

Track and analyse how people use your product

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